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Our Story

Trevor and I met at Javalina Cantina in Lake Havasu about 6 years ago. Trevor had big plans to relocate to Mexico with his buddy Jerry and was purchasing a bar in Puerto Penasco. Well that plan didn’t quite make it to fruition. Trevor couldn’t help himself and fell in love. I have to admit I was a bit smitten too!

So while Jerry’s Mexico dreams came to a crashing end mine were just beginning! My 4 boys and I moved to the river, Trevor and I got married and added a baby girl to the family. We not only blended a family together we started a business together. Trevor was always daydreaming of owning this “Jet Boat Business” Well a few years went by and we had an opportunity to purchase a boat! Ok it wasn’t a jet boat but she sure is a lot of fun for me. The Celebration boat is a 112 passenger tour boat and was my dream come true! After several years of watching his dream jet by we were finally able to make it happen! Yes we have been busy and loving every minute of it!! You will see Trevor behind the captains wheel with a grin ear to ear! We have managed to continue raising our family with our heads above water and still pursue both of our Business dreams. We have a passion for the river and count our blessings every day! Oh and you can pop in on the Celebration Boat and say hi to Jerry.. just don’t mention Mexico!